About Us

Paradigm Consultants & Resource Private Limited is a Delhi NCR based consulting firm specializing in Energy, Education and Entrepreneurship.
The founders of Paradigm Consultants have wide ranging experience in Energy sectors, ranging from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
In quest of decarbonisation of transportation system, India is pushing hard for aggressive adoption of e-Mobility targets. Therefore, the auto industry finds itself at a crossroads, since electric vehicles propagation is leading to the emergence of new segment of transportation. A move to EV regime will be important in urban areas for short-distance private vehicles as well as public transportation and freight delivery vehicles.
Given this backdrop, Paradigm Consultants have created a specialised division called, EV Oracle which aims to focus on mobility 4.0 and on e-Mobility sector.
Through EV Oracle, we offer services to develop innovative business models, solutions, technology guidance, sourcing services and capacity enhancement services for the entire gamut of e-Mobility value chain.